Want A Reason To Smile All The Time?

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Marion County cosmetic dental and tooth implants

If you are not happy with your smile, we invite you to consider a complete smile makeover. 1. Look and feel younger. 2. Improve your oral health. 3. Increase your confidence. 4. Smile all the time! Hello, I am Dr. Wayne Harper. Welcome to my dental blog. I serve my patients at my dental practice, […]

Less Is More In Dentistry

Ocala affordable family dentist

There are significant new developments in Florida dentistry: stronger, natural-looking materials; improved techniques; more effective diagnostic methods; and more precise instruments. Combine these with the experience and expertise of Dr. Wayne Harper and you’re left with less of what used to make people dread going to the dentist. Less Pain Improved painkillers, lasers, and industry-leading […]

What’s The Latest With Veneers?

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Ocala Prepless Veneers

One of the latest breakthroughs in Ocala cosmetic dentistry is prepless veneers. Though thousands of Marion County and Fort McCoy smile restoration patients who have received traditional veneers are happy with the results, some Florida dental patients have delayed this procedure because they do not want to lose healthy tooth structure. Ocala prepless veneers are […]

Gainesville Dental Patients, Take Care Of Your Toothbrush!

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Gainesville Dental Patients Take Care Of Your Toothbrush!

The common household toothbrush. Every Ocala home has at least one, and hopefully all Ocala residents are brushing their teeth after each meal. While cosmetic dentistry and a complete smile makeover seem to be all the rage these days, daily brushing is still the most important thing you can do for your oral health. It […]

Your Unique Smile – Only Better!

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Gainesville Extreme Smile Makeover

Hello Ocala! If you are unhappy with your smile, it’s time to change that. I am Dr. Wayne Harper. I have been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Ocala, Florida since 1985. During my career, I have established a reputation for excellence while providing care for many fantastic Gainesville, Marion County, and Fort McCoy residents. […]

Not All Smile Makeovers Are Created Equal

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The Villages cosmetic smile makeover

Hello Ocala! Welcome to the Dr. Wayne C. Harper dental blog. Let’s talk about smile transformations. Some Ocala patients wonder if  the term is synonymous with general cosmetic dentistry. Are the placement of four veneers considered a smile makeover? Well, yes and no. If your smile is attractive and healthy except for some chips in […]

How Do Veneers Create Stunning Smiles In Gainesville?

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Veneers Create Stunning Smiles in Gainesville

Veneers have a multitude of applications in Ocala cosmetic dentistry. With veneers, you can transform your smile without significant restorative dental work. Is your tooth enamel worn and thin? Tooth-colored porcelain veneers have the brilliance and translucency of healthy tooth enamel. Many Gainesville dental patients have received veneers to cover worn enamel. Some believe they […]

Artistic Smile Masterpieces At Dr. Wayne C. Harper

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Artistic Smile Masterpieces At Dr. Wayne C. Harper

Hello Ocala friends of Dr. Wayne C. Harper! Thanks for stopping by the ultimate cosmetic dentistry blog. Today we are talking about personal transformation. Many Ocala men and women want to reinvent themselves in at least one aspect of their life. Some Gainesville people are training for a new career. Some Marion County men and […]

Celebrity Smiles In Ocala

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Veneers in Ocala

How do celebrities obtain brilliant white smiles that are always ready for the red carpet or a close-up? Do they avoid coffee? Not likely. Every star-watching magazine is full of pictures of famous people holding Starbucks cups. Do they avoid tobacco? Some probably do, but many actors and fashion models with dazzling white smiles are […]