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When you see pics of your favorite stars, do you ever wonder how these men and women can project such perfection? Can ordinary Gainesville folks ever achieve anything approaching celebrity-caliber attractiveness? When it comes to stunning smiles, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” There are many effective cosmetic dentistry procedures available to Ocala, Marion County, and Fort McCoy folks that can produce dramatic results. Complete smile makeovers combine various procedures to transform your smile. These are the same procedures used by cosmetic dentists that serve the Hollywood A list.

A common and fairly inexpensive procedure is teeth whitening. There are a variety of ways this can be done. Many Gainesville area drugstores sell over-the-counter whitening strips and gels. Your Fort McCoy cosmetic dental practice can recommend an effective one, or they may offer in-office bleaching. This is the quickest way to whiten your teeth, sometimes in less than an hour.

If you suffer from missing teeth, most Ocala cosmetic dentists will recommend dental implants. A dental implant is placed directly in the jaw bone. This provides strength, natural appearance and function, and comfort. It can also prevent bone recession that is common with a missing tooth.

Veneers, which are custom-made for each patient, are designed to cover the front of the teeth. These are useful for Ocala patients who have broken or chipped teeth, stained teeth, or gaps between teeth.

Bonding, enamel shaping, gum contouring, and braces are other important procedures that can be employed by your Ocala cosmetic dentist to help your teeth look their best.

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